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theatre lesson 17/3/08

Mar. 18th, 2008 | 08:30 pm
mood: happy happy

first lesson of term 2! we got our results back. i had mixed reactions toward my results. i was very happy with my set design results except for the presentation bit. I SHALL TRY HARDER!! and i will not get complacent either. i was kind of disappointed with my performance results because sarah, tyen and i worked really hard on it. it seems that we could not be heard. i guess we should have gone with the original plan of "let's shout like crazy". anyway i accepted my mark cos we can't wind back time so there is nothing to do but do better the next time.

we were supposed to create a situation and add the dramatic elements. (situation, characters,tension,focus, moments, language,sound ,movement,rhythm,dramtic structure and audience engagement) my group(viraj, shifaa, ramsay and clarissa)exchanged with another group. theirs was about taking the injection in p6. i was acting as the "victim" who was taking the injection, clarissa shifaa and and viraj were the bullies who were trying to scare me even more. ramsay was the nurse.

i was trying to act scared and make it exaggerated(the other group wanted it to be that way)but i couldn't extract my feelings from my actual injection cos i wasn't thaat scared, in fact i was inwardly laughing cos the p5s were outside and they were looking on with horrified faces. also, i usually don't do high screams(i was supposed to do that when being injected)but my group members thought that it would be good that way. i shall try my best.=D

only two groups managed to perform today because of time constraints. to be continued tomorrow=)

theatre lesson 18/2/08

Feb. 18th, 2008 | 06:37 pm
mood: busy busy

today we did mime. the mime workshop was conducted by mr. gohpi nathan. we did some warm up exercises-from head-to -toe. then we did some basic mime actions-eating and drinking. we were supposed to think of what we wanted to do for drinking individually. some pretended that it was a nice drink, some really hot, some downright gross. there are many ways to drink something too-fast,slow etc. 

we did eating in groups. my group was eating a pizza and fought over the last piece. after this mr.gohpi told us no violence because one pair mimed whacking each other with sandwiches. it still was quite funny though =)

we also practiced miming a wall and door. it's more difficult than it seems-your hands must be at the same distance from you or else it does not look very real. we learnt that you can use sound in mime-"sono mime". some people did this really well=)

we passed around the magic bag-we had to mime taking something out of the bag. someone took out a ball and kicked it, some took out combs or mirrors. i took out something stinky.

we practisced facial expressions. we had to walk around with that expression until another flashed onto the screen. we also got into groups and chose how to behave in a certain place-restaurant, clinic etc the last one was really funny-ASYLUM!!! heehee that was fun=D i was throwing a fit. 

i hope mime can get more famous cos some people have this bad stereotype of mimes and miming-it's weird. it is not weird at all! mime is an art form and deserves to be appreciated.